The Oasis List

To inquire about any item or order anything from the list, please copy and paste the items you are interested in, if there is no price mentionned, please make an offer for it and mail everything to us by clicking below. We will get back to you with full details on how to proceed.

CD   Oasis Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (digipack promo with sticker on back) UK RKIDCD002P p/s    
CD5   Oasis The Hindu Times (promo) Mexico PRCD98601 p/s  
CD5   Oasis The Hindu Times (promo) UK SAMPCD112651 p/s    
CD5   Oasis Heathen Chemistry (promo) UK SAMPCD115362 p/s    
CD5   Oasis Stop Crying Your Heart Out (promo) Mexico PRCD98651 p/s    
CD5   Oasis Who Feels The Love (promo) Mexico PRCD-7993 p/s    

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